Bio: Pome Research Lab

Pome Research Lab

Location: Conegliano Veneto, Italy

Nicola Pomello aka Pome Research Lab was born in 1988 in a small town near Venice. Start young to experiment with mixers, turntables, cdjs, drum machines and other musical instruments. To follow his idols, he attended some of the best clubs in Italy and Europe, obviously going for the famous German club and especially in Berlin, where he was inspired by the underground location and the atmosphere he breathes, other than happens in his country, and will be in those clubs that will grab the best of Techno, Detroit and Ambient sounds and start to build a cultural background, still in full research.

In 2005, has created with Zeno (MagicEvents) "Project Osaka", a project of DJ sets Techno, Minimal, Detroit still evolving. His passion for music led him to move, in 2008, in Padova, where the search for new sounds and new genres, experimenting and looking for a unique kind, identifying, comparing and submitting them to a great friend and teacher of international reputation.

In the summer of 2010 start to collaborate with FootMusic Records, a young label of Venice, which in December of that year, he published his first release, on all digital stores. An EP of 4 tracks: "Father". From January 2011, with Magic Events, start to create a collection of sessions mixed by the artists and the associates of the group.