Bio: Knique


Location: Bangalore, India

Knique is Nikshith Shetty born on 27th march 1988 in Mangalore, India. After listening to Daft Punk's "Around the world" Knique fell in love with the rich sounds of electronic music.

Being in the production scene for just 8 months Knique has done remixes for world class artists like Johnny k (Hush recordings), Danilo Ercole and Dj Christo. Even his original mixes and mash-ups have got airplay from insoulwetrust radio and the world famous Frisky radio by top Indian Djs.

A self thought expert in Fruity Loops and Ableton. Knique's mixes are always an explosive mixture of driving basslines and searing progressive melodies structured with a groove that is guaranteed to melt the dance floor every single time.