Bio: Alessio Pennati

Alessio Pennati

Location: Vigano, Italy

Alessio Pennati was born in Monza on 20/07/1985, and begins to grow his musical passion since childhood, with listening to all types of music genre. Alessio, growing, had the opportunity to move the world of Dj buying equipment that non professional, that helped him to learn.

Subsequently, through professional equipment, with the hard training with the dishes and mixer and continuing to deepen the art of mixing, begins to know the world of the night and that the Dj, playing in some local. Here his technique and quality go up thanks to this new experiences, reaching high levels. But not enough just to play and then also began to pursue a career in music production.

In 2011, he presented his first productions, so it became a Dj of techno electronic music producer with nuances and cadences of hypnotic funky that have always been influenced him and thus becoming his musical style. In fact, his sets we can find many influences giving a touch of style and uniqueness that differentiates each its own set.